The Introduction page serves as the gateway to the Hami Network documentation. In this section, readers will find a high-level overview of the Hami Network project and its mission.
The Hami Network is a layer 1 blockchain that aims to provide a highly scalable and efficient platform for global crypto adoption. Our objective is to offer users an ecosystem that enables high-speed transactions and low gas fees, making it easier for them to adopt and utilize crypto for their daily needs.
Our network is designed using a hybrid methodology that allows us to achieve fast transaction speeds without sacrificing security or decentralization. In addition, we provide a range of advanced features, such as smart contracts and decentralized applications, that allow developers to create sophisticated applications and services on top of our platform.
To further enhance our offering, we are also developing the Hami Transactional Network, a separate project that provides a zero-gas fee transactional network for day-to-day minor expenses. This network is ideal for borderless payment infrastructure and can be integrated with stable currencies.
Our team is committed to creating a blockchain ecosystem that is accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical background or experience with crypto. We believe that blockchain technology can offer secure, decentralized, and efficient solutions for a range of industries and applications, and we are dedicated to advancing this vision by creating a platform that is easy to use, scalable, and reliable.
In this documentation, we will provide a detailed overview of the Hami Network and its features, including information on our technology, use cases, and development roadmap. We aim to provide a comprehensive guide that will help users and developers better understand the Hami Network and how it can be utilized to achieve their goals.
Last modified 10mo ago