Quarter-1 2022

Formation of the initial Hami Team in Stealth Mode (COMPLETED)
Angel Investor Agreement Reached (COMPLETED)


Quarter-2, 2022

The www.hami.network reveal night for investors will be on the 10th of April 2022 (COMPLETED).
19th April 2022, $HAMI Token MINT of 120,000,000 (COMPLETED).
20th April 2022, Hami Launch Pad Beta release (COMPLETED).
20th June 2022, Hami Launch Pad (Version 1) release (COMPLETED).


Quarter-3, 2022

4th, July 2022, Hami DEX release (COMPLETED).
Hami Token (BEP20) Seeding Round A (August 24th to September 24th, 2022).
Presale Round for Hami Token (BEP20) (September 26th to October 10th).
Upcoming Date for Hami NFT Marketplace Beta Release (20th September)
Upcoming Date for Hami Wallet/App Release (10th, November 2022).
Upcoming Date for Hami Pay's Release (30th, November 2022)


Quarter-4, 2022

Upcoming Date for Hami Network Blockchain Beta Release (December 30th, 2022)
Upcoming Date for Hami Network Test Net Release (January 2023)
Upcoming Date for Genesis Block for Hami Network Release
Upcoming Date for Hami Network's Blockchain Release